Screw it.

All these people who have chosen a random night to decide to “do things”. Why? If you couldn’t be arsed to make a change a week ago why do you think you’ll have made and stuck with the change in a week? If you are going to do it, do it. The day shouldn’t matter and if getting drunk was a factor in your decision then you are sad and shallow.

Modern Warfare 2. If I can get Wireshark working I’ll see just how real an article on modifying packets is. Yesterday D and I were playing Team Deathmatch. One guy we were both emptying full clips into and he wasn’t dying. But he and another guy could kill us with one shot. Not a headshot, just one shot. Add into that some ridiculous speeds and it made for a massively frustrating couple of games before we both quit. Dying because I’m having a bad game is one thing, but standing within feet of the player, aim doesn’t waver outside the body and I’ve got Stopping Power Pro and a whole clip I send into him – and he just swings round and takes me out?

Still, as with just about everything..

6 thoughts on “Screw it.

  1. Nice sticky note. :D

    As for MW2, that’s entirely the reason I stopped playing it. The hacking is getting plain silly. Not sure if you’re on a console (that’s dedication if he’s hacking on that) or a PC (seems like EVERYONE is hacking now), but I really wish they’d fix the game. It was fun for the first few weeks. :(

  2. Apparently packet injection is the way to go. I have two setups here so it would be easy enough to get data and test once I’d got over the initial techy hurdle. Question is – can I be bothered?
    MW2 is a romp, it’s meant to be fun as you say as it rewards sheer grinding endurance in the end. But idiots like this – why ffs? For fun they’d say.

  3. Weird glitch last night. Several games with the same people, I’d killed the entire team a couple of times, fairly balanced games. Highrise, about 1 minute in and they get 5 care packages at once. So as a minimum that would be 20 kills – 4 each for 5 people – but not that many people were dead.

    I got Commando Pro last night which is nice. Today’s goal is level 50.

  4. I just switched from that to the ACR – you get that at some point – because I was 13 headshots short of completion with the scar. I’ll save the headshots for Derail probably. I have 2 utterly crap games with the ACR because it’s so fast to bring up and aim. Took some getting used to.

    Melee kills are really great, very satisfying indeed.

  5. was it 5 care packages at once, or an emergency airdrop? 15 kills (i think) and a plane drops 4 or 5 crates, all in the same place at the same time. You should try the M16. Accurate as hell, due to it only being a 3 shot burst, but powerful enough to only need to hit them with those 3 shots

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