Religion. still crap.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has branded a priest who advised needy people to shoplift from large retailers as “misguided and foolish”. … Writing in the News of the World, Lord Carey said: “Of all people, priests ought to know right from wrong.”

So what if they do know right from wrong? Priests in Northern Island forgave the terrorists who killed soldiers, Carey has forgiven those who have mistreated and killed in the name of his religion. So they may know the difference but not only will they do nothing about it they will them forgive the wrongdoer as if nothing had happened.

Father I am sorry for I have sinned?
“And what did you do this time?
I stole lots of food from the store just like you said and then I stole a fridge to keep it in because i know ‘waste not want not’ is important, and then I stole a van to get the fridge home.
“Is that all?”
“Okay, God forgives you, you are blessed, you can go to heaven”
Will you tell the Police or anyone?
Even if I say I’m not sorry and I’ll do it again tomorrow and this time I’ll kill the guard?

Now, what’s the point in knowing right from wrong if there is no consequence to the wrong? And that afterlife crap is just that, crap.
Religion. Bollocks.

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