Pics back then

When the girls were small we bought a video camera. Recently found several tapes so they went off for transfer to DVD. Got them back this morning.
First is 1995 and in the back garden of the house so the girls are a really cute 5 and 2. The rest of the 5 dvd’s cover only a few years including a christmas play at playschool, a christmas play at primary school, on holiday in Tenerife (the holiday where I saved youngest from drowning), a trip to Disneyland Paris, a school sports day, walking around Twycross Zoo and a birthday party held at a family pub. All really boring if you aren’t one of us (or a future boyfriend who will probably find them hilarious.). But it’s the cameras. There are cameras held by everyone, video cameras at the plays and on holiday. For the plays people are almost jostling for position to get the best shot of their kid. So I’m lucky I have this video and other pics of the girls. There must be so many parents who can’t do that today and so many kids who will grow up with no informal evidence they were ever an angel in a school play and similar. Shame.

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