2 targets

1. Weight. I’m back on the diet. I started eating crap again and this is not good. I’m around 75kg still, target is 73 for now, it will lower.

2. NaNoWriMo. Will I write 50,000 words? No idea. Can I hit 20,000? Pretty sure I can. It’s not a story, it’s more bio based. I wrote something before similar but I lost or more likely deleted it. Did that in a couple of days and it was over 10K. I’ve opened the box though so I’ll keep on writing until I’ve finished – and I know where it will finish – or it becomes too uncomfortable. I doubt the last will stop me but it’ll slow me certainly at times. Goal for the end of today is 3500 according to NaNo and that’s not going to be a problem. No idea what I’ll do with the end result. Probably let Jacq read it. Need to finish it first though – that bit can wait. If I don’t hit 50K? Does not matter. What matters is writing it all out.

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