Credit inexpert

At some point in the last couple of years Jacq signed us up to a service called CreditExpert. I will have chosen a password, told J what it was and left her to do whatever it did. I don’t care for any money issues, it’s all down to Jacq to sort (which she likes so that’s okay). Anyway, a couple of months or so ago I got an email from them along the lines of “Hey, missing you! Sign in to see the great changes!”. I must have been bored but I went to their site and could not login. Tried a few times and gave up. Following month I get another. I try again and I still cannot get in. I have lost all the information I need – which shows how throwaway I thought the service was.
I email them. I send their email back along with a note saying I’ve forgotten so could they close my account. Get one back saying they can’t be sure who I am so could I call them. I reply that No, I will not phone them. I include every detail I know they have of me, my phone number, everything. I add that if I was an imposter then I’m showing I know everything, that if I was I have control and that if I rang them or they rang me how would they know it is me. Get a reply saying they can’t be sure it’s me. I swear and give up.
Jacq tells me that I’m paying for this service which sends me emails, tells me how great they are but I cannot access. So I ask her to cancel it. I happened to go downstairs this morning and find her exasperated on the telephone. Because she set it up for me and used my financial details they – she is talking to CreditExpert – say she is guilty of fraud. Not in a big bad way but they are still saying it. She passes the phone to me, I talk, then the woman on the phone asks for Jacq, then me, then Jacq. End result is that I am no longer with CreditExpert. Bearing in mind the previous emails the woman had to be sure it was me, right? She asked my name, my address and my date of birth. She then asked for 1 piece of information which can probably be found by Google. She asked for a lot less than I had sent them in the first place. So how does she know it was me? Because she initiated the contact? But then how do I know she is with them? Like I care now. It’s a bit like those identity insurance services – how do they know it’s you? And now – I routinely print every order, invoice, new login/account.

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