Gender game choice

Joe’s Bar
An undistinguished bar, yet the social center of Upper Sandusky. The front door is almost lost amidst the hazy maze of neon that shrouds the grimy glass of the south wall. Doors marked “Ladies” and “Gents” lead, respectively, northeast and northwest.

In every game that comes to mind right now where I could choose the gender of my character I always choose female. In the above text adventure – Leather Goddesses of Phobos – I went NE. In Monster Hunter I created a female as I just did in Fallout 3. There are others I have and have had where again it’s been a woman every time. I wonder if that says something about me? I don’t recall a driving game giving the choice (Race Driver: School Run) or a shooter (Call of Duty: Rations under fire) and that says something about something.

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