Ill goes around

Eldest comes back from work (may have said she’s now a qualified lifeguard so she’s around a lot of people obviously) and is not feeling great, turns out to be flu. This was around a month ago. Youngest then gets ill with the same so we have 2 ill daughters. Then Jacq comes down with it. MS + a bug = MS gets worse. Eldest comes out of it, Jacq’s settles in for longer. Then I get it and the resulting feeling of ill and coughing (which I’m still doing now) means I don’t go to Canada. Youngest gets well, mine is lingering as is Jacq’s. 2 days ago youngest comes down again with what appears to be a raging cold – temp, coughing, sore throat. And today eldest comes back having been sent home from work for being ill. This is not a healthy house, not by a long way.

In other news …. Monster Hunter looks good, partway through the training there. FF VII continues. Just found a sealed copy of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness so that’s me set with RPG’s for a long time indeed. Bored now with Burnout Paradise, Battlefield 1943 makes me swear far too much (“Do you have to keep saying that word?” says Jacq. “Yes” I reply “because he IS one”) so I’m going to play SOCOM: Confrontation.

I was going to write more but apparently we have to go get eldest some Tamiflu. See – it’s not healthy here!

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