Getting busy.

As Sickipedia is busy I may as well blog something.
Bought Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP which has a couple of hundred hours gameplay in it. I’m still playing Final Fantasy VII on the PSP and just rediscovered Everybody’s Golf on it too. Fallout3 GOTY will arrive Friday. This should arrive tomorrow:

That should keep me entertained as I nuke spam. Though if it amuses me as much as Trigger Happy TV does then no work at all will be done. No bad thing because of the mistakes I could otherwise make. And a headset I bought broke after less than 10 days. Sent it back yesterday and hopefully I’ll be sent a new (new = still encased in that solid plastic “You need a welding torch to get through this stuff” case). If not then I will feel obliged to use every colourful word I know in a blog post and in many such twitter posts. It wouldn’t change the result but I’ll feel better after wasting a stack of cash. So I’m hoping I have no need to insult but to praise instead. Their call.

If you’ve not played it, Canabalt is a game of choice right now.

I was reminded of Mr Minchin by this joke on Reddit:

So I went to Tim Minchin’s show the other day…..and he was saying how during one of his shows in New York this guy in the front row wouldn’t stop heckling and defending creationism and the Bible (Tim is an atheist and does a lot of jokes on religion).

Heckler: But evolution is just a theory.

Tim: I hope you feel the same way about the theory of gravity and just float the fuck away.

One thought on “Getting busy.

  1. The Minchin DVD is escellent, weve seen him live twice now, and were going to see him again this Saturday. Hes got a 2 others out as well, called So Live and Ready For This. Ive also got 2 cds of his, and the documentary video of his, called Rock N Roll Nerd if you want copies?

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