No shiny new Go here

“With the PSP Go, the purpose is clear, and in review after review one sees the case built: the system is a campaign of aggression against both retailers and consumers.”

via PSP Go launch has become a nightmare for gamers, Sony – Ars Technica.

I have a PSP 1003. Just had the buttons replaced – totally recommend – and I have 27 UMD games. I have not the slightest intention at all of ever buying a PSPGo. None. As much as I love gadgets and new shiny stuff and as much as I have bought 2 PS1, 2 PS2, a PS3, the PSP and other Sony products I cannot see why I would buy a system as crippled as the Go. I do want a new PSP 3000 though to make the most of some improvements since the original.  My eldest will probably be getting a job at a certain video game store in the next couple of weeks so why buy before a staff discount? 🙂

Of course what I should do is buy a Go and keep it sealed for future sale. (And what I should have done is bought both the Disgaea games for the PSP when they were released instead of the futile searching I am having to do.)

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