It'a a PIN dammit.

It’s PIN. You cannot have a PIN number, you cannot be PIN-Numbered just as you could not be PIN numbered. Pity The Independent can’t get even this basic thing right. And how can you be Global Positioning Systemed? And would not ‘ever-increasing numbers’ be better than ‘ever-increasing quantities’? And databased? And what has ’emailed’ got to do with disappearing? What a terrible introduction to an article.

Odd place, Britain. Every day, 13 million CCTV cameras track our movements. We’re PIN-numbered, databased, credit-rated, nannied, Neighbourhood Watched, Facebooked, emailed and GPS-ed. You wouldn’t think any of us could slip away unnoticed. But we do, in ever-increasing quantities.

via The missing: Each year, 275,000 Britons disappear.

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