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I’m going through backups at the moment to see what sort of mess they are in. I won’t be missing anything, I’ll just have more than one copy. Images. Finder tells me I have 25gb, ~16000 photos. I have 11gb, ~4500 photos uploaded to my Smugmug page. So … there are around 12000 that need some sort of arranging / deleting / uploading. What to do?

I was looking at using iPhoto (which I have. i bought iLife 09 just for iMovie so the rest is pretty useless. Got it off ebay cheap though so it’s not all bad. Yes, it’s legit). But from what I’ve read iPhoto takes a very very long time, does that useless ‘faces’ thing, it probably reorganises and duplicates like it’s crap cousin iTunes if you let it and it’s only any good if everyone can see it through my iPhoto. Which they can’t.
I briefly looked at Shoebox from Kavatunes but hit the same conclusion – if it’s only good for this machine then why bother? It’s not me who’ll look at them. It’s the girls, Jacq (we’ve been married 23 years today. Long time) and anyone they pass the information to. And should I die, what good would they be stuck in iPhoto anyway?
So after pondering things I can see only one option – throw everything up into Smugmug. This is a very good thing. Very good. No matter which option I chose there would be an element of tagging. No matter which I chose there would be some organising and equally there would be much pruning. But, and here’s the bonus, I can drastically cut down on other storage. Right now I probably have that 25gb stored at Amazon through Jungledisk. But if they are at Smugmug, why bother with that? And I can get a DVD of the images sent to me so Jacq can have that if she wants as well as the online viewing. Also, Amazon is around $5/month for storage so that’s $5*12 = $60 plus I pay $40 at Smugmug. $100. If I knock Amazon out and upgrade at Smugmug (video I think. I just bought a flip HD video camera) I would still pay $60, a saving of $40. So all I need to do is work on that 12000. That’ll take a while..

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