Nothing special

A day of no twitter, no adium, no skype and very limited email. Did I get more done? I did. Was it done better for having no distractions? It was. So will I do it again? Yep.

Richard Hammond is coming to the village at the weekend. There are two industrial towers that need to be blown up so him and a BBC crew will be there to film the event or blow it up even. I’ve got one of those Flip camcorders so I’ll be there filming the filming and taking many pics for J’s website. Played with some film I took of the foxes in the back garden in imovie and it’s passable. Tomorrow iphoto gets to meet a copy of the photos. No way it’s going near the originals yet.

Eldest is now a qualified lifeguard. Weird when your kids grow up and you realise that they are actually responsible. So she’s happy. Youngest wants a moped for her birthday….was watching her play Battlefield 1943 earlier. She is amazing. Hits ~300+ every game, gets killed hardly at all. Stark contrast to what I can do.

Asda manager phoned. Not sure how he got our number yet. He appreciated that the store was not at fault and my praise for his staff was well received. Using the phrase ‘touch base with you’ made me cringe though.

And apart from that I still weigh too much. So ends today’s trivia.

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