Another post about annoying America.

So the USA can take people who might have the wrong colour skin, have the wrong friends, live in the wrong place, not have ‘American’ as their first and only language, who have the wrong religion, who might have an accent, who might be any other arbitary factor and it can lock them up. It can make them disappear off the face of the earth. The USA can torture them, allow no contact with anyone else, can waterboard them, can deny them their basic rights and yet this is all in the name of the “American way”. It is true justice, it is done for the protection of everyone in the USA (because they don’t give a flying crap for anyone outside of the USA) and no matter what anyone else says they will do this for as long as they want. This is right. This is correct. This is how things should be done.

Yet when a minister in Scotland frees a man who is about to die, a man who a huge number of people believe never committed the crime, a man who was scapegoated then the USA demand that Justice Be Served. Now WTF is that all about? Apart from more hypocrisy from a regime that is purely selfish, a regime that has ignored the rest of woorld but expects the world to Listen To It. Who gives a damn if Hilary wanted the detention to continue? There isn’t a politician over there – probably anyone – who would dare to say “Hey guys, remember Guantanamo? Maybe we made a mistake with this one too”. The fact Obama et al. are complaining means zip – so why report it?

But then they execute innocent people in the USA and there is no-one there caring about them either.

USA. One annoying hypocritical paranoid and abusive country.

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