So I said there were no worries….

Everything was normal yesterday morning. Nothing at all unusual. At some point mid-late morning (I forget the time. It’s in irc logs but it doesn’t matter) I had just chatted with Hanni on skype and gone afk from irc as I felt odd. Literally a few moments later I felt an incredible pain in my chest just under the sternum. I about doubled over, went very sweaty and I shook. Got to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Pain didn’t go, felt sick, still clammy. For the first time in forever I took my pulse. It was 52, regular and strong. That number worried me. Anyway, pain still there and I was feeling worse. Back to ‘work’ and I checked the nhsdirect site. It said ring 999. So I rang nhsdirect, said I probably didn’t need anything but some advice. She asked me some more questions and then she called 999. Hm.
Got downstairs and still in the same huge pain. Told J I didn’t feel so well and as I got to the door the ambulance arrived. Thankfully it’s siren wasn’t wailing, didn’t notice the lights.
I got an ECG done, did the usual Temp / BP / Pulse / history. Must have been a quiet day as I got taken in for a better ECG. The guy in the ambulance had already said it was not my heart. He didn’t know what it was and that I could stay in the hospital so they could work it out. As far as I was concerned though if my heart was good then the pain would be fine. At some point in this the pain had started to reduce but not so much it went completely. Part of it was probably worry about the pain. So, I’m not dead, not dying and this pain seems to be waning. And that was that – back home, back to work. Pretty quick too – though my signing some paper to say the equivalent of “Promise I won’t sue and this will keep you in the clear too” helped a lot. Very strange time. And why is pain so tiring?
I feel guilty that I used an ambulance and took time up when I wasn’t ill. I know I was ill but not ill ill, not in need of an ambulance. But how do you know? After how much new and unexpected pain close the heart do you wait? Not like you can rewind and call it earlier is it? I did apologise to the ambulance guys and said I’d rang nhsdirect. His reply was not to worry – they are known as nhsredirect. That was Friday.

And today I’ve felt generally crap. Nagging headache, bleurgh sort of thing.

That pulse. Took it last night and was getting around 62. Sat at the computer earlier today I was around 64 I think. When the ambulance guy took the pulse I said I’d got a 52 and he said he got a little over that. He asked about the exercises I do, figured I worked out. Like I have the time. Still, doing the house, bouncing up and down stairs many times a day and walking the dog twice a day must count for something I suppose.

Here’s hoping for a healthy Sunday!

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