Do not oppress the BNP

BBC. Protesters have gathered outside a pub in Manchester where the BNP leader Nick Griffin is to hold a news conference.

I hope the police hold them back and allow Mr Griffin to go about his lawful business.

Mr Griffin was forced to abandon a similar event outside Parliament on Tuesday after he was pelted with eggs.

Was anyone arrested for throwing those eggs? If not can we all throw eggs at politicians? If not why is Mr Griffin allowed to be assaulted?

Mr Griffin, who has been elected to the European Parliament for the North-West region, called on other political leaders to condemn the attacks on him.

Elected. We have a system, people voted, he won. Everyone should condemn the attacks – they would if it was some other leader who wanted to bomb other people.

But Gordon Brown told MPs that mainstream parties needed to expose the BNP’s “racist and bigoted” policies.

No. That’s the job of the BNP. Let’s here their voice, let’s see them on Question Time, let’s see Paxman and Marr have at them. Politicians lie. they ALL do. So why believe Brown or Clegg or Cameron about Griffin?

At prime minister’s questions, he called on all parties to “unite” to fight the BNP by showing they had solutions to pressing issues such as employment and housing.

Well excuse me and the rest of the population but shouldn’t you have been doing this for the last several decades? You want to point the finger about the rise of the BNP then point it at yourself, not the electorate.

And Conservative leader David Cameron said the battle against the BNP must be fought “doorstep to doorstep”.

Oh, there we have a Conservative talking about a ‘doorstep’. It’s been all lovely and cosy when it’s just been the two main parties. All goes to plan, lose a few here, gain a few there, keep faces fully in the money trough and screw the taxpayers and the common people. But then all of a sudden he cares? Does he hell.

Mr Griffin said the fact that he was being prevented from speaking was a threat to democracy.
ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. Who next can’t speak? Freedom of Speech does not have the word ‘but’ after it.

If this guy is that bad then let him expose that all on his own. Think about this too – who is going to be keeping their accounts totally perfect? BNP. Whose supporters are probably being told to be very very good so as not to rock any boat? BNP. Who will be watched for changes in how others are dealt with? BNP. Who will continue lying and cheating the taxpayer? All other politicians.

I don’t care for what has been reported about Griffin’s views and I do want to hear it for myself. There is no legal barrier to him having a platform and he should be afforded the same courtesy as any other party leader (don’t forget our Queen and politicians roll out the red carpet for known murderers and state leaders who execute publicly).
I very much care that he is allowed to speak, that the BBC and others allow him time. Or do we all want to be Daily Mail readers and be told what to think?

If you give people the vote then the vote should be respected (unless it’s about the EU in which case your govt will bore you to death with referenda until you give them the answer they want – and that’s all gravy train related too).

“I believe in Freedom of Speech but this guy goes too far” – so you do not believe in Freedom of Speech then. It’s so very simple.

Edit: And even Boris Johnson descends to the playground. If there was someone I thought could hit the BNP intellectually it was him. But no, into child mode he goes.

4 thoughts on “Do not oppress the BNP

  1. Just a few small points.

    Boris did not write that song parody – I did.

    And had you clicked through and read the rest, you would have noted that actually I don’t agree with the use of eggs as a tool for political debate. In fact, I actually agree with you.

    I think Griffin and his gaggle of wannabe stormtroopers are an odious bunch of untermenschen – their views are abhorrent. However, the way to deal with them is to debate, thus proving just how risible they really are.

    Banning, hurling eggs and ranting about them serves no purpose other than to increase column inches. Let them be the ones ranting and raving – then laugh at them, make jokes of them, and in laughing marginalise them.

    I would request that you please read THIS before jumping to conclusions about whether I, or Boris, were doing anything other than pointing out how counterproductive (and, in many ways, equally repressive) yesterday’s ‘egging’ incident was.



  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I disagree that laughing at them in any way is the thing to do. That is giving them attention, it is proving to them that you heard them and as long as you laugh they will continue to act as they wish. I believe the way to react is to treat them exactly as any other minority political interest with regard to TV / radio / other media but to otherwise ignore them. Allowing them to speak is not the same as being made to listen. No reaction back at them can only annoy them but they cannot escalate that because you are giving them nothing to react against – and if they do react they show their hand.

    Why is one little man setting the news and political agenda? Because of attention. This blog post too I suppose.

    The words on Boris’ blog just show that they have made an impact on him, enough that he publishes. I would have expected him to know what – as Thatcher called it – the ‘oxygen of publicity’ can do and how best to withdraw that. I was surprised he would be wasting time on them.

    I believe that the best course of action is to pretend they do not exist. Which is why people stopping him from speaking is so bad. As for the BBC…. they do not appear to have many news priorities right.

    I look forward to 2 things which need a public platform:
    1. Question Time (with someone like Boris there too)
    2. A legal challenge when someone on the BNP’s forbidden list applies for membership. Has to happen, should happen.

    But otherwise we should ignore them. If we do and if the politicians do a better job then they will go away.

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