Fraser Wallace. Unintelligent.

Chairman of the bench, Fraser Wallace, said: “We find the manner of your skating put pedestrians at risk and exposed them to harm.”
He said it was clear Chapel Street was not meant to be used as a “skate park” and said Dornan’s behaviour “causes a danger” to the public. BBC

Mr Dornan is 71 and someone many can learn from.
Mr Wallace is probably younger and should remember that rules are there to be followed by the thick and creatively interpreted by the intelligent. Mr Wallace failed to interpret and has proved himself to be thick. Sefton Council must be proud.

One thought on “Fraser Wallace. Unintelligent.

  1. Exactly the kind of stupid decisions thats now made by these self important arrogant intellectually dead morons that somehow worm thier way into society and create the unbelievably bad conditions for living in the UK.
    I voted with my feet and quit the UK , as i find these mealy mouthed lying toady mentally perverted and utterly useless scum like frazer wallaceto be totally counterproductyive to what real life is meant to be,
    Life is for living , enjoying and taking risks , its short enough and at 71 this guy was doing what he was totally entitled to do, getting on with enjoying what was left of his life, and if halfwitted jackass mentally retarded bastards like frazer wallace had any idea of life he would have comprehended some small part of that. but the fact he didnt means that he is and should be treated as small disgusting piece of stinking detritus stuck to ones shoe and scraped off and totally ignored .

    I couldnt care less whether wallace reads this or not, he is so small and insignificant i wouldnt cross the street to piss on his head if it was on fire, and my only regret is that Mr dornan didnt stick his funger up at him and told him go spin on it

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