A quiet place

We walked from the South side of Central Park to almost the top on the West side. We must have done 50 blocks. That is quite a distance. We started by going through the paths in the park and found ourselves at Strawberry Fields. Just around that was a triangular area with a large circular mosaic circle in it. ‘Imagine’ is spelt out in the center and the area is bordered by many benches.

At a quiet place in Central Park, NY
At a quiet place in Central Park, NY

Each bench has a plaque and an inscription. Some are in memoriam, some for friendships, a couple simply saying Thanks for providing this quiet place to sit. This one struck me as something very private in the most public of places and I liked that.

6 thoughts on “A quiet place

  1. Check the gallery – it isn’t 🙂 Took 330 so far I think, they went private when P started appearing in them. They are typical tourist stuff though.

    With the above I dislike the high reflection on the left, I could have got a better angle but that angle would have taken away from the angle I have – if that makes sense. But we have tomorrow and might go up there again.
    I really wish I had a wide angle lens. I’m using the f1.8 so it’s pretty limiting – I suppose the default would be too – and with tall buildings it all looks cut off. But it’s fun and it captures what we both want.

    Should get a second chance in May with J if she can get the deal she is after.

  2. I noticed the reflection but because I can see the thin black border and the two screws it’s actually really good. There’s loads of really good ones there, some are better that your normal tourist type ones, yes P is in them but not with a silly smile etc, you don’t have her in the middle of the shots and get some good scenery around too. When I saw the bench one I know right away it was the 1.8 lens.

    Why don’t we got shops like those over here, I think R and Oliver (me too) would have fun in them… The skittles jumpers look cool.

    Only one problem with the gallery, not enough pictures of you in there… How do we know you are really there!! 😉

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