Playing hard

Fairly nasty incident last Friday involving Winston’s teeth, my hand, blood and a still sore hand. I posted at a forum before seeking further help and spent well over an hour earlier talking to a very nice lady who was a dog behaviourist. The super-brief version: Winston wants the top job. The super-polite reply: No. Lots of talk about the why, the how, the why, where etc. The main upshot is that the others in the house blank him for a week. He simply does not exist. Jacq will find that very very difficult. But I am the giver of food, the taker-away of food, I praise, I command, I will be obeyed and I am Number #1 and he will be left in not the slightest doubt of this. It’s all good behavioural stuff and it starts tomorrow morning.
It’s a PITA for me because I need to be downstairs more than normal so instead of the monitors I’ll be on the laptop. No biggie, but I’ll have to work a little slower. That alone will annoy me. But then if we want W to learn then it has to be done. He’s a big dog and if he bites again it’ll be the last time. And my hand is still sore.

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