WP track progress

Have ipod touch, have gym, wanted to put the 2 together. I’ve lost a card I used to track my rowing progress so I cannot look back to get any information. It also had other information on weights and some routines. All good, all gone. So I figured the Touch might work as that backs up to the mac.
Off to the App Store I go. If you have GPS, no problem. If all you want to do is throw weights around, no problem. If you want every part of your diet, metabolism and running there is an app for you. But I use the static machines and weights. Weights I can sort with an app and it is proving useful in evening out work. But cross-trainer / bike / treadmill – nothing. So I’m hunting around the app store looking at note taking apps, fitness apps and there really is nothing for the Touch. And then in a moment of clarity I figured one of these blog things might work for what I want – not what I was looking for at all. I have a blog (the backup), the WordPress app (comes with me, holds drafts, I can edit, I can view previous posts to see where I was and I can make notes.) It may take a few keypresses more – but not many. Who would write ‘Treadmill’ when they would more likely use ‘T:’ ? So that’s me sorted then.

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