Nominet – bargain bucket prices.

A couple of years ago during a conversation in #wordpress I bought a domain. 5 minutes after buying it the ‘good idea’ to do so had disappeared. So it sat in the registrar unloved (given that no other tld had a registration of the domain name shows it was bad). A short time ago I started getting the expiry emails from Namecheap and I ignored them. The cost for a domain there is just under $10 so that’s about £6.50 The domain lapsed as it should.
Yesterday I get a letter from Nominet. They told me that the domain had expired but I could still have it. All I needed to do was give them £95 (that’s $148 right now) Bargain eh? Sad thing is that somewhere the bandits at Nominet are screwing people over who will pay their prices. And I just checked – I could still reactivate the domain for $17.76
When I took over the abody website I sorted some new hosting, fixed the site (I need to upgrade Gallery again probably. And people moan about WP.. tried a Gallery upgrade recently? I’d rather chew a brick) and I mentioned their domain name and renewal. They showed me the certificate they had from Nominet. They were told they needed it. Eh? They renewed the name a few months ago and did not get a certificate – and asked me if that was okay. Why are Nominet saying these bits of paper mean anything? It would be like me showing you a certificate that said I was sane.

Nominet – domain name robbery.

One thought on “Nominet – bargain bucket prices.

  1. Nominet as an organization is not nice. Individually though, they’re lovely.

    I called them on Christmas Eve and somebody actually sounded caring on the other end 😛

    Their charges are a major rip off though…

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