Gag the BBC.

Dear Katy Searle,
Imagine a picture. It’s a picture you’d like to see. You can understand it – it’s not complex – and you just want to appreciate it. Now imagine someone coming over to the picture with a fat marker pen and starting to write all over it what they see, what it means to them, what is should mean to you, what it means to others, the cultural nuances displayed in it, how wonderful it is, how it compares to other pictures, what other pictures you should see. Then they pause and you hope for a moment they will stop and go away. But no, they produce a fresh marker pen and go over what they said. They use a few different words, they change the size of their text. They continue to describe to you what you are seeing despite the fact that what you want to see is being obscured by what they are doing. They haven’t the slightest idea that what they are doing is ruining your experience.
Or maybe they just write “drone-drone-drone” over and over and over again and slowly fill the image with what they want and think, not what you may want or think.
And what you end up with is not the picture you started to see.

The above is a perfect description of most (not all) the online BBC News reporters and today’s Olympic opening was a shining example of unnecessary verbosity.

Paid by the word are they?

Please – tell them to shut up.

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