Burnout Paradise

Played it this morning on the PS3. Load it, it stays for ages on the news screen, eventually loads then just rolls the camera around the car after letting me choose it. It told me to press square but no keypress (except the PS) made any difference. Quit game. Click to play. This time it stays for 5 minutes on the News screen and won’t budge from there. Reset PS3. Try again and again it sticks on the News screen. I think it’s trying to load stuff from their website. WTF can’t they just let me play the damn game? Timeout that damn screen at 10 seconds. Give me SOME way to quit whatever it is and let me play.

Online stuff might be good but designers must never ever ever stop or delay a game being played that can be played offline. What do I need to do? Disconnect the cable in the back? The game should give me an option to turn if OFF unless I want it back on. I don’t give a flying one how much it may “enrich the gaming experience” or other such junk – I just want to play. I play Ridge Racer online at times and the only other game I will play online is Wipeout HD. I am never going to play Burnout Paradise online, really I’m not.

And if it’s not loading from the website then the HD load is screwed – so at what point does it tell me? Or I do I have to divine that magically?

Burnout Frustration more like.

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