The damn cough

Antibiotics got I asked the pharmacist what he would recommend for the cough I had. After I declined ‘Glycerin, honey and lemon’ (I really dislike the taste of honey. It’s one of those tastes – like grapefruit – that I can just about tolerate if I absolutely have to) he pointed to another bottle. Covonia Bronchial Balsam. Just the name conjures up an apothecary, bubbling substances, something dark and gloopy. It was also in a tall brown glass bottle which helped the image. Back home it said to take 2 5ml spoonfuls. Lacking a 5ml measuring spoon I took a dessert spoon and had 2 of those instead. Ever eaten (sucked) a Fisherman’s Friend? (and if you remember Julian Clary when you read that we both watched the same shows) (Fanny the wonderdog?). My grandparents used to give me half a one sometimes with the advice that it “was very strong”. Of course a full one now is the same as a half one back then what with sweets getting smaller these days. I blame the metric system. Anyway, imagine getting several packets of FF, grinding them to a powder then mixing them with boiling water to dissolve. That approaches the oral assault that 2 spoonfuls of Bronchial Balsam produce. “Do not breathe out near naked flames” should be a warning. But hey it sure as hell works. I was actually cough-free for some time and while the second (and third) doses were no less powerful they were welcome because I knew the effect was worth it. I’ll need to go to a different chemist to get another bottle though seeing as I’m using this one a little quick….

4 thoughts on “The damn cough

  1. My Granny used to have a bottle of Covonia in her cupboard that would come out each time we had a cough. It always worked and I now have a bottle too. Definately good stuff.

    If you have a sore throat, try Tyrozets. They aren’t the tastiest things, but you get used to it because they really work! They numb your throat very quickly and you don’t care about the taste.

  2. I’ve got bad memories of Covonia… my mum/grandma used to mix it with hot water when we were coughing and it’s truly the vilest thing I’ve ever tasted. Even just thinking about it now is making my mouth water like I’m going to be sick…

  3. Jayne – I have 2 bad memories. First was some vile red liquid for coughs. The sugar crystallised out if not washed soon after. It was truly horrible. The second was some brown yeast extract type stuff. Can’t think of the name but the aftertaste was sickening. Mind, I like Marmite 🙂

    And the Covonia? Great stuff. I’m buying another bottle today (but from another chemist…)

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