David Davis and 42

So the Shadow Home Secretary resigns because he believes that our judiciary should not have the power to lock someone up for UP TO 42 days. He says it’s a matter of principal etc etc etc and that we should all notice and care about this.
Well I don’t care. Not even the tiniest bit.

The security services determine that someone MIGHT be a threat and they need time to establish that. Every step is still subject to judicial review so where is the problem? They are not saying it WILL be 42 days, just that it MIGHT.

The law and the judicial process determines that someone IS a proven threat to society because they have raped, they have killed, they have abused children but the will of the political parties is such that these people are allowed back out to do it again in too short a time. These are KNOWN threats and the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Does David Davis resign because he thinks the will of the people should be listened to? Hell no. Does he care what the people want? No. Is he interested in helping make his party one that looks at issues such as sentencing, prison and making society safer? No.
Well that’s what I care about.

All this guy wanted is his moment in the spotlight, nothing more.
Mr Davis, apart from the bleeding hearts in the “But you have to let him blow people up before you can think he is maybe guilty and even then you can’t discriminate because he feels excluded from our society” in Liberty and those eager to please their political bosses I seriously doubt many people give a damn.

Ask us if we want something useful – like the death penalty.

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