Would you say what you really think?

I moved blogs and drDave is doing something sort of similar. He says he has a blog elsewhere which we can’t find and that may well be the case but it will still be shared with people I assume. But what if you had a blog that was not connected to you at all. It could be a domain with private whois details, it could be a blog at wordpress.com. Would you say what you think, what you really think? We all self-censor be that in how we write or if we write at all so if you had a place where you could throw all those thoughts out would you? The fact that others may come across your words isn’t really the point because they do not know it’s you. So you got a disposable email address and set up a blog. There is absolutely nothing connecting you to the blog. No-one shares your computer so there is no sharing data there. Would you be honest? Really honest? Would it be useful in a cathartic way? If yes, why haven’t you done it?

8 thoughts on “Would you say what you really think?

  1. I got myself an ‘anonymous’ blog some time ago. It was great for the first couple of posts, but then it just felt a bit weird. Can’t put my finger on why exactly, it just didn’t feel right. So I stopped using it and haven’t considered doing it again since.

  2. This is interesting. I guess a blog with no readers or engagement or dialogue with a user community could be tedious. So as well as a blog you would need a whole new online persona I guess. But for people in need of cathartic release it might work. But why not keep a diary ? I certainly wouldn’t trust WP in this regard. In the past they have used IP details etc to out people just because they didn’t like them. Anyway as one of your other commentators remarked my writing style is err
    distinctive. I often spot people in new personas. I can think of a couple right off the bat. I have heard – cough – that some girls —- publish steamy stuff just for themselves. Why not ? 🙂 I need to get out more obviously. LOL. On my redesign – columns and navs are now out. They are soooooooo last year. Linear is in.

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