Family Tree

We got the Family tree back from the picture framers. It’s a huge sheet of paper, probably twice as big as the flip charts used in meetings. My dad started creating it years ago and it has been revised and added to as he has made new finds. The earliest date is 1750 and the latest date is 1994 – the year following P’s birth. It’s fairly extensive and ends up with an australian branch and an american branch. Included in there are Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Cumming Dewar who served in India in the 1800’s, Edward Hindle who brought golden hamsters to the UK and R J Mitchell who designed the Spitfire and one of the UK’s top Chemists Harry Lister Riley. (I’m not related to RJM but I am the others). So it’s a big picture and one the girls have found interesting. D’s first action was to get the names of all the people at the bottom of the tree – who are around her age – and plug them into Facebook. Somewhere people are reading “Hi, were you born in xxxx and is your dad called x and your mum called y?”
Odd looking at these things – reduces you to just a few letters on a piece of paper and also how surprising families spread.

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