In praise of Shovebox

Shovebox is a wonderful thing. I deal with lots of urls and I want to go back and work from the information they contain. I can find several of these a day. I also have – like most people – random thoughts which can improve another area I am working in and I want to remember them. For lots of screen catching I use cmd-shift-3/4 or Skitch but sometimes I want it kept a little differently. I want to search the urls I’ve grabbed because from a new discovery an old url becomes more important to look at. So I want several things. But what I do not want is some program glaring at me from the dock. I do not want a 20mb download which can do all manner of things but cannot do what I want well enough or neatly enough. I also do not want a dozen text files scattered across the desktop with imaginative names like “untitled” “untitled2”. I cannot abide stickies. I was despairing of ever finding anything decent until I came across Shovebox.
It does everything I want – and more. But it does it perfectly. Drag urls, organise them, create archives, make notes and send them into shovebox. And it sits quietly in the menubar waiting patiently. It doesn’t hog the startup – it doesn’t hog anything. It really is one of the best $25 I have spent on a program. Excellent, really excellent.

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