Diagnosis: Quality TV

Jacq just bought me the complete first series of Diagnosis Murder. Quality TV drama at it’s finest. I have 19 classy episodes of the Van Dyke family to watch in awe as they solve multiple cases in times that are only slightly slower than CSI (which let’s face it is pretty unrealistic anyway). Dr Mark Sloan – medical hero. Steve “Square-jawed’ Sloan – a credit to the force, and the funny little guy as well 🙂

In case you are wondering what awesome TV you have missed: DM @ wikipedia, diagnosismurder.co.uk, diagnosis-murder.com

(They are Region 1 so now to hunt hard to find if a mac mini can be made multi-region. I very much doubt it but the PS3 should be okay and the DVD player can do it)

5 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Quality TV

  1. I think I tried that before and it wanted to check. From reading the various forums it appears to be pretty locked down.
    The next trick is to try Windows through Parallels – not sure how hard that checks the firmware and there are always ways around things on Windows. Like the cddb mp3 tool too – free and does more than any mac program can do. Still, I do like the mini 🙂

  2. VLC on the mini does not work.
    Installed Parallels and AnyDVD / VLC / Media Player do not work.
    The drive is totally locked down.
    So what possible excuse can a computer maker have for doing this? That’ll be because they are in the entertainment business and need the cash from the likes of Warner.

    I have a player downstairs that witha keypress or two will play any region (I mistakenly thought the PS3 was DVD region-free and it is not, just games) so it looks like I get Mark Sloan on the big screen. All the more to enjoy.

    A region 0 ext dvd player might be handy though.

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