Yet another iTunes gripe

I used iTunes to downloads podcasts. It was not allowed to touch anything else, just them. Before the upgrade to Leopard I copied the entire music folder to the ext hd. After the upgrade I resubscribed to the podcasts. When doing that itunes brought up the list of podcasts that were available but not downloaded – I have them all so no need for them. But will iTunes recognise them? No.

I tried adding to the library – it adds them as music.
I tried importing – no go.
I tried just copying the whole lot – still not happening.
I tried letting it copy/sort/do what it wanted – no.

So because this iTunes did not download the podcasts they do not exist. I can put them in the same directory but when I refresh the pane showing the podcast directory it stubbornly refuses to see them. Does it matter? As I still have the music, no. But as a point it is precisely this sort of inanity that makes me hate Apple for the trash that is iTunes. It downloaded them, it read the tags, it know where they came from but it will not store them in the right place and recognise that. Or does it? The Apple forums don’t seem to have the answer from reading there (I have not posted yet). All I want is to not only have all the podcasts in the one directory but for iTunes to see them and list them accordingly. I don’t care that a search will find the track – that is not the point. I just want it to behave in what I think is a reasonable fashion.

In the meantime, I’ll use Google Reader for podcasts.

4 thoughts on “Yet another iTunes gripe

  1. Even I, the tattoo’d Apple geek is starting to get very very pissed off with them…

    For me, working at home on mine is fine, but at work we are having no end of problems…

    A network upgrade has killed over 4 thousand macs (iMacs, iBooks, MacBooks, eMacs, PowerBooks etc) Take a line of 6 macs, three might log on to the domain and give the user their home drive, the other three might not. Then, 5 minutes later, it can be a different story.

    We’ve had Apple looking at it for us (not just Scotsys or local Apple folk, the guys in San Francisco too) we’ve had to have scripts created to allow us to join the domain as the default time it searches for a somain server is too short for us.

    Now, I’m just sorting out a script so we don’t have to log on as a user account and it will ask for the username and password when they log in as a local account.

    The list goes on, even my boss laughs now knowing what I think of them.

    rant over 🙂

    P.S. Still love my tattoos though….

  2. You’ll need to not only import the sound files for the podcasts, but try bringing in your old iTunes Library and iTunes Music Library.xml files… I’ve had no problem just bringing in my entire music folder, and it picks up the podcasts just fine…

  3. I think they got lost today as I started something I have total control of. But next time I bring all the old stuff in before any new stuff – makes sense but is still nuts.

    Tried to bookmark DanceradioTrance but I can’t it seems. I have to make a playlist to bookmark it. Odd.

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