The domain name thing

The domain name saga continues. I sent Nominet the surrender form and in a day or so i will no longer own that domain which has been at the centre of the trademark dispute. 5 minutes after Nominet remove me, anyone at all can buy that name. At which point regardless of what the new owner will use it for, the same solicitors will start harassing the new owner. But will they buy it? No. Will they spend £10 to avoid more costs? No. (Can’t think why……). Anyway, the goes.
The .com is a little different. have yet to get back to me and I doubt they will. So it looks like the domain – which resolves to nowhere now – is mine until it lapses. At which point anyone can buy it and the legal pixies will again spring into action. Do these little legal people advise their client that paying $10 would get this domain name? No. Do they advise them that spending that $10 would save exorbitant legal fees? No. (Can’t think why……). So the .com is mine until September I think.

Now for the sake of clarity and because the law enforcer found this blog, I have no intention of renewing that domain name. The Undertakings I have signed would place a penalty on me and I can do without that hassle.

But, let’s say someone else bought that domain at a registrar that held privacy in high regard, and let’s say that same person bought hosting at Dreamhost and let’s say they started selling road surfacing materials then Tarmac, along with their expensive pixies, would be ****ed. And all for $10.

Lawyers. Clevur.

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