3 films.

Apt Pupil. I have no idea when I bought this and I have memories of trying to watch it previously. This film is terrible. It is terrible on every single level. There is not a single redeeming feature. Stephen King can write some excellent stories and this one is prior to Misery (where I felt he started to lose his own plot) and few films have done his work justice (Carrie, Shawshank) and others have bombed (Cujo being the star turn there) but Apt Pupil is just plain crap.

The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Bought solely on the strength of the blurb and the Palme D’Or award. Really enjoyed it. I got the plot, the politics. Read the main description of the film (from the Cork newspaper at imdb) and ignore the stupidity contained within. Whoever wrote that used the film to peddle their own nationalistic views and the film doesn’t need that crap attaching to it.

Days of Glory. Again bought because of the whole stack of glowing reviews and stars decorating the front. It was only when it started I realised it was in french with english subtitles. I’ll have missed some speech/text but it was minimal. Excellent film. It just would not have worked in english or dubbed. French film for a french (algerian) market – nothing wrong with that. Film was compelling, no ‘filler’, great to look at. Like The Wind above it too had a political agenda but in this case I actually cared about the characters. Whereas The Wind appeared superficial at times, this did not. It looked dirty, bloody and hard. And as much as I’d like an excuse to really have a pop at the French Govt, what they are doing to the Algerians is no worse that what the UK Govt is doing to the Ghurkas. Days of Glory – excellent.

Films watched again because they are superb: The Departed, Lord of War, Natural Born Killers, True Romance

In the queue: A Scanner Darkly, Babel, Serenity, Killing Zoe

3 thoughts on “3 films.

  1. I thought Days of Glory was great too, but I really hated The Wind…. it may be down to living over here, but it seemed that the filmmakers got too caught up in the politics and deliberately set out to make a film the Irish would lap up, and to me it was just too predictable and boring

  2. Wind was certainly contrived to produce those politics and whereas that review says it would not get a general release over here because of it’s views, I could argue that if it had then it could have backfired. I enjoyed it though – time will tell if it goes back into the drive.

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