Leopard wraps me in cotton wool

And people say Vista nags about doing things. That warning happens every single time. I download a plugin to check and every single file I want to open and read I get that notice. Can I turn it off? No. Is Apple being ridiculous for not allowing that to be turned off? Yes. Is Apple preparing for the malware? Certainly.

Save me Apple!

So Leopard adds shiny stuff and just about the most annoying prompt ever. Thanks Apple, nice work.

Thankfully there is a cure.

3 thoughts on “Leopard wraps me in cotton wool

  1. I realised this morning that I had applied that to Downloads. So you download Twitterpod, get the warning when you open. Then you move it to Apps and bingo, get another warning. No thanks! I’m applying it as high as I can, Users / Applications probably.

    It really is an insanely annoying warning.

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