Up an OS

Running Leopard.
Time Machine – can’t see the point as SuperDuper has done fine by me and I only want Users backed up anyway. This is a computer not a wiki.
Spotlight seems useful now, though why it keeps spinning up the backup drive is odd seeing as I have told it not to. Maybe it isn’t it..
They still haven’t fixed the clock to show the date. I know the workround but it should be an option.
The shiny dock. Hmm.
Stacks – I like stacks.
Spaces – I will love spaces. Zoom + Omnigraffle permanently in a space all ready for action. I’d like two browser instances (not windows) for spaces to be perfect for me. This is what XP does better – two instances.
Little icons – and Vista got knocked for eye candy?

So that’s it really.
Faster? Maybe.
Better looking? It’s all about performance surely?
Software? There’s a difference?

Now to check if Saft really is the only option for improving Safari before buying it. Primary need seeing as the tabs are utterly and completely unresizable is that the new tab must be opened next to and on the right of the active tab. Without that Safari is useless for work. Hanging tabs – how can anyone possibly work with those?

2 thoughts on “Up an OS

  1. I agree… there’s not a huge amount of benefit for me either.. I find it a little snappier, but it’s broken the auto sleep when I close the lid of the Macbook(and I’ve installed it fresh about 3 times to try and shake it loose!), so it’s a little swings and roundabouts!

  2. I always have a debate about trying other OS than Windows, but since I rely on adaptive software and stuff it’s kind of a mixed bag since generally it’s the only OS that’s supported.

    Maybe if I could get (and afford!) a 6 foot monitor, then I can play with Linux or something. 🙂

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