Network oddness

Two unconnected (no pun intended) but odd events.
The router completely reset itself. No connection details, nothing. Thankfully I had a config backup so I didn’t have to put all the machines back in – I have no encryption, but mac address access control. Not perfect but it works. So the full reset was odd, but the config file was in the macbook pro so I fired that up, went to the router and uploaded the file. All was good. And then for some reason it lost a connection it’s mac address was in the config). The network status showed that eth(en2) and eth(en3) were in use. It said Parallels and Parallels Host-Guest were using these. And that is really strange because I haven’t used Parallels on the mbp for a while. Started Parallels, closed the shared networking.
Last time the mbp was connected though was by wire to the router – again, no Parallels – so I can only assume something somewhere changed. I’m not used to fiddling around in the network settings and it’s not something I find intuitive but eventually I stopped those two directly and managed to get Airport to see the network – again strangely it would not see the network despite a machine 12 inches away being connected.

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