Getting a gym routine

I really enjoy going to the gym. I like being out of the house, away from the computer for a couple of hours and I love the elliptical trainer. The bike is cool, the treadmill is not. So I’m happiest on the former and use the fantastic Podrunner podcasts. He’s topping iTunes regularly so many know how great he is. Having that steady fast tempo really does work. Recently though for various reasons – another post – my attendance had dropped. But from Monday it’s going back up.

I use the cardio setting on the trainer because I get the stable speed and I’ve not been keen on those that do the hills. The harder/easier does not appeal even though I knew it was slightly better, would give me variety, and it didn’t appeal because of the lack of a tempo. It’s like trying to keep up with music that stops/starts/faster/slower. Didn’t work for me. That applies no longer.
We now have Podrunner Intervals. I think I might start these on the bike – or do both that and the trainer on different days. Either way it looks to be an amazing trip along a new way of using the machines and if it gets my routine back into shape it will be a certain winner. If you have even the slightest interest I strongly recommend you download these and his podcasts – as wrong as I might be at times all the others on iTunes are not. So that’s the gym for me with all it’s benefits – certainly beats
going outside 🙂

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