9 million +

One night, no sleep and I boost by Stardust HD score by 500,000 points. But I’m now in the 29-30k high score position. 10 million is the next goal.

I’m hoping that last night with no sleep plus a slightly early night tonight will flip my sleep pattern closer to normal. It’s been way off since I got back from the US. Though I’m going to be that shot by the afternoon that the gym is probably out of the question.

Somehow I lost all the data on the MyBook the other day. I think the USB became loose in the back of the mini, the drive was dropped and the really important bit of the drive corrupted. All of a sudden a working drive turned into a blank disc. Nothing could get it to resurrect. So one big formatting later and it’s back and running. Luckily it had the backup of a backup so I’m definitely certain I lost nothing at all. Which is good. It’s annoying it happened though, and especially because I wasn’t messing around with it. I don’t think it was the drive itself – it performs just fine. We shall see.

And I finally settled on a theme here. It’s close to the last one but better because I didn’t create it. And less cluttered which it shall stay.

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