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So ebay have decided to fiddle around with their fees because they want to sell more. And this will mean zilch to most. What ebay should do is nail the postage costs. You can probably buy a PS3 on ebay for a few quid. The postage will set you back a few hundred of course because that is where the profit is. ebay know it, sellers know it – and they hope that buyers don’t until they have confirmed. No matter which way you look it’s a scam and one that by their inaction ebay cultivate.

One thought on “Just p and p to add…

  1. I hadnt used Ebay for nearly 3 years until a couple weeks ago. While I didnt notice the fee increase, I heard after I had started my auction that effective Feb 1, or something, that sellers were not going to be able to leave negative feedback for sellers.

    If they have craigslist available for you — use it.

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