Derby Tattoo 2006

Not as good as hoped…
It was great to see Steve and Jayne again after 3 years (and Jayne’s sister) and to meet Claire and Richard again after somewhat less time. I think this my third? fourth? time there and it’s getting less.

No central area for the hand-poking (there was one guy doing that, I took about 8 pics and only 1 is half-decent), beer was allowed on the main floor, kids were allowed in (not that I have a problem with kids, but it’s indicative of maybe a need to lower the barriers of entry) and it was actually a lot less crowded than in previous years. There was room to move which – while nice – doesn’t make me want to go charging back next year. I took loads of pics but nearly all are ever so slightly blurred.. must have had more of a tremor today. A great one of Claire and Richard and another of all of us (without me obviously but that only enhances the image) so I’ll see what I can salvage tomorrow when I’m more awake.
Work is all caught up with – apologies for any delay should you be reading this – and tomorrow I see just how I can run a game in one screen and apps in another. Tomorrow… it’s 1:52am so that’s later today.

2 thoughts on “Derby Tattoo 2006

  1. Claire – email me your real email address? I’m not putting any online. There is a good one of the 5 of you (Steve/Jayne/Jayne’s sister/ you/Rich) and then a few of you which I’ve zipped to my site for you to download.

    I had to recover them from the camera’s card as I accidentally wiped them in the reinstall. Torrents are a wionderful thing 🙂

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