Two is more

This dual screen business is the mutt’s nuts. I’m still playing with it but on the right screen it’s Xchat, Opera, Thunderbird and IE. So apart from Firefox, that’s work completely taken care of. I’m not sure yet whether to have a second instance of FF over there or not because on this screen it’s FF, Feeddemon and any apps I want. More physical clutter but a lot less screen clutter. Nice 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two is more

  1. Hey Mark!

    Before I blew up one of them I had two 21″ CRTs running on my home system. It was so useful when running things like photoshop, email and a web browser that I couldn’t figure out how ANYONE could cope with one monitor.

    Then one died, then the PC died, then my wife bought me an Acer 19″ widescreen TFT.

    Having just read your post I now want another 19″ and the hardware to run it.

    I miss my dual screen 🙁

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