Wednesday evening after pizza

I go into abody yesterday, Neil isn’t in. I tell Brian I’ll be in Derby Saturday, he says they will be there Sunday. Today, about 20 minutes after something bit my right forearm which promptly ballooned Neil emails and wants me in to colour my arm in. On Thursday. But he didn’t say which Thursday… I hope he gets the email I shot back. And I hope it’s tomorrow.

Tonight sees the unveiling of a little project which has been in the works for a while so that will be nice to set free.

And I’m looking for programs – so far it’s the Sync toy from Microsoft or Cobian backup – so that with the two drives in the new machine I can specify directories I want synced frequently but without me having to remember. I don’t want an image or for a full root copy of any sort (are they the same?) but I do want to be sure that I have two copies of what I think is important. (I know I’m weird about both data backup and discarding unneeded data but we all have our foibles). Know of a better program that will silently get on with the job?

and Mario for the DS bought. Will be playing that on 31 July as I pass over the Atlantic.

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