Today I am irritable

Painful back from trampolining didn’t help. Neither did traipsing around numerous shops to buy some boots which was fruitless as they were all too narrow (“No thanks I do not want trainers…” for the nth time. I don’t care if it’s summer and I have a pair of trainer things. I want some Caterpillar boots. Big clunky proper ‘step on someone’s foot and they know it’ boots). Walking behind people who are within the regular width of a human but the way they are walking they become 10 feet wide. Why don’t they ban walking and using a mobile phone? Why don’t they ban those Bluetoothing idiots who think it’s cool to talk into that chunk of plastic while walking but they don’t realise they are tilting their head toward the busy ear – makes them look even more stupid.
I should relax a bit. Think of nice things like my shiny new computer 🙂

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