Trampolining in the rain

Couple of weeks ago I was asked something. My reply will have been along the lines of “Yeah yeah, what your mum says is okay” because I was busy. Big mistake. We now own a 13ft wide trampoline which I have had to put together in the back garden. I do not subscribe to the school of thought that a broken bone is a rite of passage. I also think that trampolines are actually very dangerous. But hey, more fool me because I should have stopped, listened, found my foot and then put it down. Okay, so I’d have still lost but I would not be implicated. Whatever. Completed the task, it was raining but it needed testing. If it holds me, it holds the girls. When I got off my head still thought I was on it. I like my feet to be on flat stable surfaces. But right now the girls are back, the rain has stopped and they are playing and laughing on it. Hearing your kids laugh is a wonderful thing.

2 thoughts on “Trampolining in the rain

  1. Teach them how to stop bouncing quickly.

    As your feet meet the canvas, flex your knees quickly to ‘absorb’ as much of the bounce as possible. Once mastered you can usually stop immediately, and it’ll work anywhere on the trampoline, including, for instance, right on the edge as you are about to bounce off said trampoline and take a header over the fence into the unsuspecting lap of a neighbour.. 😉

  2. Blah blah, I’m sure you know my list. I have a fractured spine, my ex has a fractured and slipped spine, she ripped her anterior cruciate ligament almost out of her knee, I got cuts and scratches to my face, I’ve seen people with gouges in their faces from bad landings. You can get all this and more whilst *staying on* the tampoline. I dread to think what would happen if you came off!

    Be careful with it, at the crux of the issue is that should you stuff up, you are *falling* from whatever height you bounced to; you wouldn’t jump out of a window for a giggle.

    When we did it at uni there were at least 4 people guarding the edge of the trampoline ready to shove a lemming back onto the (softer) trampoline should they make a bit for freedom, and when I was coaching I got to *do* that on several occations.

    They are lethal, they can take your legs away from you. I dunno, just ask them to take care and watch out for each other and make sure there is *always* someone within screaming distance.

    They are also bloody good fun and dont half give you a nice looking tummy :oP

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