Walk into Nationwide Building Society, ask for all my money. No, can’t have it. Can only have £500 and the rest in a cheque. “We don’t have enough money”. Bollocks. Anyway, get cash, get Bankers cheque. Walk out. Cross road. Place all of it into the Natwest. Cheque will take 5 working days to clear – thieving bastards. Why 5 days? They have to wait for the post. That was at about 11am. Cash? Oh no. That’s not in my account. Online I have no money. Yet online a purchase shows in seconds. Bastards. J said I should have gone back in for one of their advisory packs for September. Not a chance – they’d try to sell me a loan I don’t need and an account with more charges I don’t want. Natwest? Craptastic. Come September I’ll google the top 6 banks or so and go with the one with the least complaints because we all know they are screwing us all over daily.

Anyway, dual screens / keyboard ordered, and back slightly painful from playing on the trampoline. With the girls. At 9:30pm when it was raining. It’s tough being a dad 😉

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