My lastfm cloud

Plugin below by Whoo which is neat. Easy to install too 😉
Disclaimer: I think that Winamp on the other machine – which my girls use – still has a Lastfm plugin installed. While I am happy to put my hands up to nearly all there, there is no way, at all, ever ever I have had Hilary Duff playing on this machine. Honest. I know I won’t be believed but it’s true. Really. Anyway, many thanks to whoo for a nifty plugin 🙂

3 thoughts on “My lastfm cloud

  1. hehe thanks Mark!! I have to say, we have very similar tastes in music too 🙂 Tiesto was here @ the end of May, and I’m sorry to say I had to work, so I missed him. I did get a 20 minute message on my voicemil though from the club floor 😛 yay.

    Do you mind if I use the styling you added at the bottom of that in the black? I’ve been wondering what I might do to explain what it is to casual observers on my own site..

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