You know I’m worth it

I never knew you had to condition laptop batteries. I do now of course. I just thought they sat there (wherever that actually is because I’ve never taken this one out) and hopped into action when I took the power lead out. While troubleshooting my recent modem/router troubles I was amazed how fast the charge dropped so I checked the price of a new battery. Holy hell that’s around £80! Some RTFMing later and I’m starting to condition it so it’ll last that bit longer. I’m planning on actually using it as a laptop! wooooo.

2 thoughts on “You know I’m worth it

  1. I found some for ~$60 without post in the US on ebay but then I’ll only need a battery for one journey one time at the moment – so is it worth it…. I’ve got the time up to an hour on the battery while running several programs so a couple more discharge/charge might see it a bit longer which could be okay. It’s not crucial – I’ll have games machines and books with me too 🙂

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