Micro Machines. Getting it to work

  1. Open the game folder, find contcfg0.bin. Cut / copy somewhere else
  2. Plugin controller
  3. Control panel > Game controllers. Check it’s really there
  4. Start game

Using a PS2 pad the square is the fire button (eh? what’s with that?) but it works.
Stupid way of making it work though. And later I’ll get the buttons how I like them. If that is possible.

Update: It worked ONCE. I cannot get it to run again. I have done the above and it does not work. This game is broken. But then it can’t be – nothing is wrong with this game at all. So all the complaints – including mine – in their forums must be bogus.
Codemasters used to be good. Now? Releasing a bugged game like this? ………

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