Minging Machines v4

Micro Machines. Loved it on the Megadrive. On the PC? Doesn’t bloody work. Why did they add a way to control the game using a joystick/joypad when it doesn’t bloody work?. Does ANYONE play driving games using the arrow keys? And hey, while you patch that, why not let people choose their control IN game? I set the controller then have to go through the whole loading sequence, profile load, game selection, level load and then I find it doesn’t bloody work then quit and start again. Have a guess how many times that happened before I started cursing….. Oh yes, on top of that, what this Starforce crap for? Sorry…. that’ll be the protection….. Yeah, right.

(And it’s not just me. The Codemasters forum has enough problems listed there which means they will have to patch it.)

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