Shard Rider

Saw mention of this – sort of – on Nee Naw yesterday and it surfaced on the BBC a while ago – Hasselhoff in chandelier accident. Is this guy supremely tall? You’d think a chandelier would be high enough to not present a collision threat unless they were really tall. Like 12 feet or something. But for now, he gets the benefit of the doubt. (Not for long….) . It says that “His right arm was cut by shards of glass, severing a tendon.“. So he is sauntering out of the men’s room when his head hits the chandelier. That causes some glass to shatter so greatly that a large chunk – for it must have taken more than a mere sliver – to sever a tendon. Tendons are quite tough…..

Hasselhoff, while in the men’s room, hit’s his head on a chandelier. He raises his right arm to protect and falling glass severs a tendon.

That just does not seem right. Even if it fell to the floor what’s he doing to cause a tendon to be severed? You’ve got to assume the whole chandelier doesn’t come crashing to the floor because it doesn’t say that.

Somebody isn’t telling the truth methinks……

Hasselhoff, while swinging from …….

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  1. He’s turned out to be such a mess. With everything that came out about him abusing his wife. Then the custody battle where at the time he took one daughter and his wife took the other daughter. From everything that I read, the kids hated him and are afraid of him. 🙁

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