16 digits

BT fixed the link. BT cut the line speed to a third of what it can be. Okay so it’s still fast but that’s not the bloody point. They’ll call out that they have upgraded and unbundled but they don’t mention the fact that they also happily screw with paid for services. Bloody idiots.

Bon Echo and Firefox do not play nice. Multiple startup errors from FF despite BA not being there anymore so a full reinstall of FF was done. I thought I had saved all the passwords. Oops. So my trusty Keepass gets called to action and I start plugging in the random characters. Be interesting to see what I’ve missed this time.

Friday. I like Friday. Less work on Friday and the weekend so I can catch up on everything else. And go look for a new monitor..

2 thoughts on “16 digits

  1. Yeah, KeePass can save your butt during a Firefox reinstall. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t use the built in Password Manager in Firefox.

    However, manually typing in your passwords again is a real pain in the ***. Why not use RoboForm for Windows or 1Passwd for Mac OS X to manage your passwords for you? They store your passwords outside the browser (RoboForm uses its own proprietary data file, and 1Passwd uses the OS X Keychain) yet they can be integrated into the browser using via a toolbar extension.

    This will allow you to reinstall your browser without losing your passwords. Once you reinstall the toolbar you have access to all your passwords.

    Just food for thought.

  2. True, I see Roboform mentioned in a few places.
    However I trust my browser more than I trust Roboform. It’s also the case – and probably the major part – that I get through a seriously large amount of passwords and logins for my sites and others. I clear my cookies and saved passwords in FF regularly and sometimes nuke the lot to start over anyway. So Keepass is just for my data, the browser can have both and when it goes, so does any trace of their data.

    The Roboform webpage is scary.
    And Keepass is Open Source…… RF is not.

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