Packet loss. BT

25% packet loss consistently today. Massively frustrating. New router, new modem and problem persists. It is making work much much harder to do. Disable wireless. Go hunt in the garage for the cat5 cable – return with it. All 14 miles of it. (It’s very very long). Machine is now hardwired. STILL I have the problem. Phone Zen. This time get told to download Winmtr. Run. …. and it’s ALL the fault of BT. 100% loss on the second hop. It ALL goes away. Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards Bastards. (That was the super-abridged version). Money spent on hardware when it was their problem all along. Loss of a point to Zen for not suggesting Winmtr before – but Zen have zillions of + so loss of one is trivial. So now I’m running multiple tests on this program so Zen can go throw it all at BT for me. And I can get a tiny bit less frustrated.

One thought on “Packet loss. BT

  1. Thank you Mark for posting the Winmtr program. Excellent tool indeed.
    Zen support rocks mightly.On the very rare occasions I have had to contact them they have been professional and have worked diligently to resolve the problem. Zen will fight your corner against BT as more often than not Its due to BT infrastructure.Of which ZEN have no control.

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